Dear friends!

You are visiting the website which is aimed at those who want to have Russian as a part of their language portfolio.

The authors of the team do not know the ways and reasons that led you to the Russian language. But we know that Russian can help you if you are

  • interested in discovering Russian culture roots;
  • going to travel or work in Russia;
  • going to study in Russia as a student of a Russian High Education School.

Of course, each aim has its requirements and limits. That is why we are going to issue several courses of Russian as a foreign language (RAFL).

Here you can find two RAFL courses named ФАРВАТЕР (FAIRWAY) and RUSSIAN FOR SELF-LEARNERS. These are the courses for beginners. If you have heard about Russia and you want to open for yourself the Russian way of life, it is your course!

Working and studying in Russia is restricted by law. The law defines the skill levels in Russian that allow to achieve the pointed aims. We are going to help you and we are preparing two new courses that will let you attain both skills and certificates in Russian.

The authors and the teachers of these RAFL courses know how to prevent mistakes that are commonly made at the beginning of the Russian language studies.

It is not a place for students only. It is a place for those who are interested in Russian. If you have some ideas or materials on RAFL it could be the place for you and for your projects on RAFL. That is why the website has minimum references in its menu line now. A language is like a life. It is alive. Let’s develop our skills in RAFL together. This is the place for our cooperation and communication.

You are welcome!

Yours sincerely,

Igor Trifonov     RAFL Teacher