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Russian Language in The City of White Nights

As a part of the language project www.rafl-online.com we open a new Russian language course: Russian within the White Nights. Now and here you can take part as a student of a Russian language course during the White Nights time in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

If you have decided to learn Russian at this period, you will not only get an intensive course of Russian, but also become a participant of cultural life events that normally take place at this time of year in the city.

The city on the Neva River is the place where the Night of Museums, the City Day, the Scarlet Sails celebration for school graduates, the White Nights music festival and other annual events are held at the time when ‘The dawn, forbidding capture Of gilded heavens night can’t claim, Dismounts to stablish gilded rapture And half an hour of dusk does frame’ (A.Pushkin, The Bronze Horseman) and Saint-Petersburg meets the White Nights.

So, the Russian Language program in Russia’s Capital of Culture is waiting for you!

You are welcome!