Self-study room for Russian learners


Get the Russian Language Basics by Correspondence

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a self-study room for Russian language learners!

My name is Natalia. I’m a foreign language instructor, an author, and I’m here to help you start a new language. If you decide to learn Russian on your own, but don’t know what to start with, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve taught quite a lot of beginners, and have been a beginner myself, so I know what every beginner needs.

Here you will find a series of teach-yourself manuals altogether making up a quick beginner course. You may want to order a course book only. Or otherwise, you may need to receive to your email a course, lesson by lesson, and at the same time to get support from the instructor. Whatever you choose, the correspondence course RUSSIAN FOR SELF-LEARNERS suits you well.  With its help you will get firm background necessary to further learn this or any other basic course of Russian at your option.

I did my best to share with you all my knowledge of linguistics, teaching methods and tutoring experience. Go through my correspondence course for beginners, and you won’t regret it!

Yours warmly,
Natalia Sidifarova